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Four Hours in Heaven by Meditation: Is That Female Climax Possible?

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By Marjo Ramstadius

An article published on ABC news web site states that a kind of prolonged orgasm is possible by means of the training of Zen meditation; quoting that article:


……“Meditation slows the heart rate, stops the brain chatter and is good for the spiritual soul. And now, at least according to one new book, it can bring women to orgasm.

Nicole Daedone, an ardent San Francisco feminist and author of "Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm," said that "in just 15 minutes, a woman can become orgasmic."

Unlike tantric sex, which she says is "radically different," slow sex uses meditation techniques like mindfulness and focusing on sensitivity and pleasure. In the book, she offers detailed drawings and variations to accommodate same-sex partners.

The woman lies still as her partner -- fully clothed and with the lights on -- "puts all of his attention" on her, according to Daedone, stroking her erogenous zone "not any more more firmly than an eyelid."

The woman concentrates "mindfully" on what she feels without the "running narrative" of to-do lists and the man focuses on pleasuring her.

When practiced three to five times a week in a technique she calls "orgasmic meditation," women can experience her version of an orgasm -- not the male model that eludes 1 in 10 women, but a slower, subtler sensuality that can create intimacy between partners and allow a woman to carry desire inside throughout her life.

"Orgasm is the body's ability to receive and respond to pleasure - pure and simple," said Daedone, 43, who had led the call for slow sex for the last decade through herOne Taste organization. "Climax is often a part of orgasm, but it is not the sum total."

That does seem like a a lot of work for the man, but Daedone, who coaches couples, insists, "I never had a guy resist. Only women ask me that question."

Though some women may reach a conventional climax for the first time using orgasmic meditation, many will not, she said. But all will experience the tell-tale signs: flushed cheeks, genital swelling and contractions.

"It's not a panacea, but what I see is increased reporting of high satisfaction of life overall," said Daedone. "When a woman is turned on and genuinely happy, it is incredibly attractive to other people in the room."

Some studies, those mostly funded by the pharmaceutical industry looking for the new female Viagra, show that 40 million American women have no interest in sex.

Daedone said the problem isn't that women don't want sex, they just want a different kind of sex.

For women who are under constant pressure, caring for their families and managing careers, taking time out for self-pleasure in itself is rewarding. "But it has to be bound in a practice and for a confined period of time," Daedone said.

"It's a radical move for women to take time out, but they are making a decision to begin the step into well-being," she said.

Her own journey started as a graduate student in gender studies at San Francisco State College when Daedone asked her female students what they wanted to know about sex. Their responses astounded her; "Every single one came back, 'What's wrong with me?'"

Climax is 'Neither Here Nor There'

Kelly Notaras, the book's editor and a slow sex practitioner herself, said the technique had been "life-changing."

"It changed the way I viewed myself," said Notaras, 35. "I thought I was not a sexual person and now I realize every woman has capacity for pleasure and sex."

Orgasmic meditation "takes the goal out of sex," she said. "There is no requirement to have a climax. The man and the woman connect in a way that is very relaxing and easy and simple for her...All she has to do is lie back and receive."

The climax is, "neither here nor there," said Notaras.

Applying the practice can keep women in a continuous state of orgasm, for months, according to the book.

"We are taking the idea of orgasm and expanding it," she said. 'Orgasm is what drives our lives. When we actually put our desire at the forefront, life becomes orgasmic."

Using "mindfulness" to elicit pleasure, is grounded in science.

Barry R. Komisaruk, a neuroscientist and associate dean of the graduate school at Rutgers University, has studied the mechanism of orgasm and said it is a powerful pain blocker.

"Using lab animals, we found that a number of different chemicals in the spinal chord and the brain all work together to block pain," he said.

He also discovered that sensation during orgasm affects multiple parts of both hemispheres of the brain, including the pleasure center.

Historically, researchers have speculated that the contractions of the uterus during orgasm help draw semen into the fallopian tubes to facilitate fertilization or that it is important for release of tension. In fact, the body releases powerful endorphins during orgasm.

In his 2006 book, "The Science of Orgasm," Komisaruk suggests "the most important one is extreme pleasure and I think it probably has an important role in mate selection."

Orgasm is "reinforcing and rewarding, he said. "Orgasm is not necessary for pregnancy. Like many biological systems, it' not essential.

His studies show that many women can achieve orgasm without any stimulation, purely by thinking. "They see erotic imagery or energy curing through their body," he said.

As for theories that orgasmic meditation that can last for months, Komisaruk said, "What Daedone calls orgasm is what most people would call pleasure and bliss; what most people call orgasm is what Daedone calls climax."

Still, he said, 'It can't hurt."

Is four hour or even two hours climax possible?

In Tantric literature, such long and prolonged orgasms are recited always! However it is very unusual for an average  European or American female to achieve such climaxes. There are certain criteria for a woman attain a prolonged and expanded orgasm:

  • The females should experience multiple clitoral, vaginal and blended orgasms (blended orgasms are triggered by the stimulation of both clitoris and G-spot or pudental nerve and pelvic nerve at the same time, as stated by Ladas, Beverly and Whipple, in their 1983 book “The G-spot”.
  • The females should  be using their PC-muscles at a very high aptitude, namely being able to squeeze those pelvic floor muscles, that stop urination, very strongly.
  • The females should be trained in a Tantric style and they should have a developed Tantric body/mind.
  • The females  should be very well trained in masturbation, fantasies and different and varient forms of love making.
  • The female should have a kind of –so called- Tantric mind, since the big-O starts and builds up at the mind first.
  • The females should have discovered G-spot orgasms or other forms of capability of being stimulated and feel those erotic stimulations, like having a climax not only by the stimulation of clitoris but also other zones (recently defined new zones such as A-spot etc.)


Under these circumstances a woman may have a prolonged and enhanced orgasm. Now we add another “Slow Sex” one, as Zazen (or Zen meditation). Actually, Zen meditation makes you more aware of your consciosness and your present awareness of your mind and body! This new proposal may be totally correct, for the Zazen practioner females because Zazen is an interesting way of meditation to be totally aware. Without the awareness how can you amplify your own senses and mind input?


When we come to the question of having a continuous 4 hr orgasm, I do not believe that can happen in many of us! Some women mix multiple orgasms with enhanced or expanded  orgasms! Yes, there may be some extreme cases as reported in Tantra books, however to come to that level is not that trouble free! So it is not a good idea to push all the women to those extremes, inducing a sense of inferiority in some of them! If a woman is happy with a couple of orgasms in one hour, and if she is content with this climax, leave her alone and do not show her new leaping bars to jump over!